RFP is now ten years old!

10.jpgHoly moly. It has now been ten years since RFP went live. I apologize to regular visitors for not updating this site very often - or at all in quite a while, but - well, that's life with a two year old. Once I complete the latest update from Matt, we will be at 8,609 tracks! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I started out RFP with my own personal collection of Peterborough music - about 250 tracks or so. Things have grown by leaps and bounds despite my not having hardly any time at all to dedicate to the project.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of John K. Muir, Jill Staveley, Matt Jarvis and the rest of the Trent Radio crew, RFP has blossomed from a little pet project of mine to a big pet project of ours - and of our entire community. I believe that this year will put us over 80,000 hours of FM broadcast time through the facilities of Trent Radio, and countless amazing conversations.

It makes my heart swell with love to see the project continue to chug along and grow and change - even more so to see that we're still kicking along even after ten years. Thanks to everyone for all their support and keep on listening!

Also, if you haven't seen it yet, check out the pre-release version of the Trent Radio / Radio Free Peterborough Local Music Archive Project website - you can listen to each and every one of the >8500 tracks in the archive, stream entire albums, or stream everything by any of the artists in the database. Check out some of the other musical goings on in your community and discover your new favourite band.

Helllooooo Peterborough Examiner Readers!

Being the clever folks that you are, you've made it to our site even though the wrong domain was included in the Examiner story. [ EDIT: I emailed Kennedy Gordon, and he corrected the domain name - thanks! ]

Thanks to all the good folks over at Trent Radio (I'm looking at you Matt Jarvis, Jill Staveley and John Muir) for all their hard work on the Local Music Project.

What the heck is the project all about? Well, we're going through all of our collections of Peterborough music - mine was around 4,000 tracks, and Matt has a boatload more. So far, as of today we have over 5700 tracks lovingly archived and properly detailed in our catalogue. The new site will let you browse by artist, track title or recording, and as a sweet sweet bonus feature, you will be able to listen to any individual track in the collection ON DEMAND. That's right. The track you want, when you want it. Missing that great Born Again Pagans tune you used to dance to in the 90's? Fire up the new site (once we launch it), browse to the recording you want and click play on the track. Bam.

We hare also hoping to expand our free music collection, so if you have a recording you are willing to give away, please contact Matt Jarvis - 705 741 4011 or mjarvis[AT]trentradio.ca

If you have any other questions about the project, Radio Free Peterborough or this site, please drop us a line. We want to hear from you!

Happy 8th Birthday Radio Free Peterborough!

cake-candles1.jpgAnother year, another bunch of happy hours spent bathing Peterborough and area with local music and sharing our music with the world. We've had a strong showing in downloads of the Radio Free Peterborough and Trent Radio iPhone applications (both free of course) and we're working our way to 60,000 hours (!!!) of FM Broadcast time through the facilities of Trent Radio - 92.7 CFFF FM.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and support! If you have anything you want to talk about, just contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

Electric City Live -- Week of July 2, 2012

This past week, Electric City Live posted a review of Ode'min Giizis, Peterborough's Native arts festival, which featured (among many things) pow-wow step band A Tribe Called Red. Wanna know what pop-wow step is? Hint: it's amazing. Second hint: you should read the article. We also posted June 2012's New And Local, our monthly column about all the new music being released by Peterborough artists. This month brought new albums by electro act Martignetti and rockers Rep By Pop, and new songs from a whole bunch of other performers. So look at that too.

This week in music: Not a lot of big artists in town this week (with the notable exception of multi-platinum selling pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen, who's playing a free outdoor show on Wednesday), but there are a lot of fantastic local bands playing, including Jos. Fortin, Tin Vespers, No Pussyfooting, Superquest, Grainne Ryan, Ben Rough, Tender Buttons, DJ Infected, and more. Check it all out, on Electric City Live.

Electric City Live -- Week of June 25, 2012

This past week, Electric City Live posted a review of a show by Matt Mays, Gentlemen Husbands, and The Wild Wild North. Cobourg's Gentlemen Husbands were particularly fantastic, and Matt Mays... also played music that night. Last week we also checked out Ode'min Giizis, Peterborough's native arts festival, so watch out for a review of that show coming up later this week.

This week in music: This week brings us Canada Day celebrations, the first show of the occasionally non-crappy Little Lake Musicfest concert series, and shows by the likes of Meteor Empire, Lindsay Barr, Grainne Ryan, Chris Thomas King, Will Currie And The Country French, and a whole bunch more. Check it all out, on Electric City Live.

Electric City Live -- Week of June 18, 2012

Greetings from Electric City Live! We've got all sorts of new content for all you lovely people out there on the internet. First thing I'd suggest is our interview with Matt Crowley. Matt's not only the lead singer/songwriter for the local band Union City, he's also the booker for the Red Dog, he's helping organize the upcoming Hootenanny On Hunter Street, and he's a very opinionated man with a lot to say about the music scene in Peterborough. This month, we also posted "New And Local", a monthly column listing all the new releases by Peterborough artists in May 2012. There's a new album out by Tarantüela, and new songs by The Arbiters, Bloody Boy Blue, Rikers, and a bunch more. And also, did you know Peterborough's own The Burning Hell are trying to break a World Record? They are, and you can find out more on Electric City Live.

This week in music: This week brings us Ode'min Giizis, Peterborough's annual Native arts festival, featuring theatre, dance, art exhibitions, performance art, a street festival on Saturday, and, of course, plenty of music. Then there's also shows by Brasstronaut, Kim Churchill, Kristen T. Clark, Lindsay Barr, Mudmen, SoHo Ghetto, The Muddy Hack, Sam Ferguson Band, Citizen Hollow, and a bunch more. Check it out, and way more weekly highlights, at Electric City Live.

Electric City Live -- Week of June 4, 2012

Hey friends, what's new? How ya been? How's the folks? ... Sorry, what's that you say? ... "How's the live music scene in Peterborough?", you ask? Well, let me tell you: it's bumpin'. As always. And as proof, we got a bunch of new stuff over Electric City Live for you to check out. We posted an interview with the owners of the Red Garnet, Blair Watson and Tammy Lin Foreman, on the occasion of the venue's first anniversary. And we also checked out The Venisons and No Pussyfooting at Wire Wednesdays, The Wire Megazine's weekly local artist showcase... which it turns out no one ever goes to, and is a little bit sad, actually. And in the coming week, watch out for an interview with Matt Crowley of local rock band Union City (who have a show this Saturday), and even more.

This week in music: It's Trent's Summer Convocation this week, which means a flood of returning faces, and a bunch of super-packed bars. This week also brings shows by Theory of a Deadman (who I'm assuming are receiving honorary degrees from Trent for their contributions to Canadian music), Gilby Clarke (of Guns'N'Roses fame), Union City, and The Spill's Fuzzfest III, an all-day garage rock festival featuring SIXTEEN bands, most of them local. Check it out, and way more weekly highlights, at Electric City Live.

Electric City Live -- Week of May 14, 2012

It's Electric City Live here, back after an epic two-week absence from the site. It's been so long... I hardly recognize the place. I missed it. But we've been busy, going to shows and posting reviews and talking to artists and whatnot. We posted a review of a great show by The Burning Hell at the Montreal House. And we also posted the first in a monthly feature, "New And Local," discussing all the new releases by Peterborough artists. And damn, there's been a lot of them. April brought us new albums by Charming Ruins, Levon, Meteor Empire, and Rikers, and new tracks from a bunch more artists. Go productive Peterborians!

This week in music: It may be hard this week to go to any other live shows, barely containing your excitement for Canadian metal legends ANVIL, who are coming here on Friday, but, shockingly, there's a bunch of other shows going on, running the gamut from country to hip hop to singer-songwriters to rock, then to Whistle Stop for some poutine. Check out all the details, and more of our weekly live music highlights, over at Electric City Live.

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Stop_hand-743459.pngHi folks - just wanted to let you know that we're aggressively blocking new accounts that appear to be from spammer addresses. We have been seeing a big upswing in spam account registrations and attempted posting of junk content to the RFP site. We're on top of it but as with everything aggressive, some innocent folks might get caught up in the digital fisticuffs.

If you have registered for an account and the system tells you that you are blocked or banned, please contact us so we can unlock your account. We apologize for pulling out the brass knuckles on this one, but if we didn't our site would become a dumping ground for viagra ads and links to "very questionable" overseas websites of an adult nature.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Now, why not go log in and then download some of our free music!

Electric City Live -- Week of April 30, 2012

Hey friends, what have you been doing this week? Electric City Live's been busy reviewing. Well, it's been busy being a website, which takes up most of its time, but I've been busy reviewing. First there was a review of The Wooden Sky show at the Red Dog (featuring Sunparlour Players and Michael Duguay... I know, holy crap awesome line-up, right?). Then it was a review of The Wire Awards, the only award show I know of that's devoted exclusively to honouring local Peterborough music. And coming up this week, we got a review of this past Sunday's show by The Burning Hell, which I'll write as soon as I can stop yelling "I LOVE THE THINGS THAT PEOPLE MAKE!!" at random people I pass on the street.

This week in music: It's a bit of a quiet week, in that there's not a lot of big concerts in town (well, there is Nashville Pussy), but there's still a number of great smaller bands coming to town, and fantastic local bands playing. Strumbellas, anyone? Silver Hearts? Petunia Trio? Melissa Payne? Yessss. Check out all the details, and way more shows, at Electric City Live.

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